Instant Relax Technique

Please watch the video, or follow the written guidelines. Use this technique anytime you want to feel more calm and relaxed.

Instant Relax Technique™

The Instant Relax Technique™ is an incredibly fast and powerful way for you to feel calmer and more relaxed in seconds. You can do this sitting or standing.

Become aware of your face. Allow your face, jaw, and lips to relax and allow your mouth to slightly open. Smile with your eyes, and look straight forward and slightly upward. Continue to smile with your eyes and keep your face, jaw, and lips relaxed through the technique.

Step 2:
Say to yourself or aloud, “Calm and Relaxed.”

You may also choose two alternative words that work best for you. Some examples include: centered and peaceful, present and calm, or peaceful and relaxed.

Step 3:
Think of any color that represents relaxation for you. Some examples include blue, green, lavender, pink and gold. Imagine this relaxing energy in the color you’ve chosen surrounding you.

Step 4:
Take a nice deep breath in through your nose, and when you are exhaling, imagine a wave of peaceful and relaxing energy in the color you’ve chosen flowing down from the top of your head, all the way down to the bottom of your feet.

If you are alone, you can also add making the “Ahhhhhh” sound as you exhale, like a sigh of relief or release…

Step 5:
You can repeat steps 1-4 as many times as you need to feel calm and relaxed.