Work with Dr. Olga

Dr. Olga Stevko’s track record of results for these private client programs is remarkable. Results are fast, permanent and life changing.

The one-on-one Private Client Program is an exclusive high-end service. Clients for these private programs are typically professionals who are willing to invest substantially in themselves and prefer customized one-on-one service to get the fastest and most impactful results.

Most programs are one or two days in length to resolve a single major issue. These programs are completely customized, and clients have a choice to work either in half day or full day sessions. Dr. Stevko can do these sessions in her San Francisco office or via Skype, Zoom and phone.

Dr. Olga Stevko enjoys working one-on-one with her clients. Due to her schedule, she can only work with a very limited number of private clients and is typically booked two months in advance.

If you are ready to make the financial and personal commitment to create fast and lasting changes in your life, please apply here for a private consultation on your issue.

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