Meet Dr. Olga

Dr. Olga Stevko is a Medical Doctor from Russia and Optimal Mindset expert. She uses applied neuroscience methods to help her clients live more healthy, joyful, successful and fulfilled lives. Dr. Stevko’s clients include over 1,000 high performing entrepreneurs, executives, celebrities, doctors and other professionals and their family members. Dr. Olga Stevko helps you identify and quickly transform unconscious programs, beliefs and internal conflicts that create issues, blocks or limitations in many areas of your life, including health, business and relationships. She is also the creator of Belief Medicine.™ Dr. Stevko is a co-founder of the Successful Genius Mastermind Group. She is a popular seminar trainer and speaker.

I experienced very meaningful results after working with Dr. Olga Stevko. I noticed that I had more clarity, greater focus and felt very present and more connected, which are all very important to me. I give Dr. Olga my highest recommendation.

John Gray, Ph. D.

The #1 Relationship Expert in the World with over 50 million books sold and NY Times #1 bestselling author of the Venus and Mars series.

Dr. Olga Stevko has an incredible track record of results since 2003 in these and other areas.

Dr. Olga has been featured on both NBC & MSNBC