One-on-One Sessions

Dr. Olga Stevko’s unique and and powerful methodology is extraordinarily effective, and produces dramatic, fast, permanent, and life-changing results. 
In her sessions, Dr. Stevko guides her clients through a process that allows them to discover and transform the unconscious programs that are at the root of their issues. This will change how the nervous system reacts to everything that triggers flight, fight and freeze responses, and how people look, think, feel, react, and behave.

The One-on-One Private Client Program is an exclusive, high-end, customized option, and is not covered by insurance. Many individual issues can be resolved during four sessions of three hours each. Some multi-causal issues require additional sessions; initial assessment can be made in the first session. Clients can choose between half-day (three hour) or full-day (six hour) sessions.


Sessions take place either in person in the San Francisco office, or remotely via Zoom. Availability of these sessions is limited, and they need to be booked in advance.

Dr. Olga’s client Murray Hidary

shares his experience of resolving anxiety and fear of performing music fast and permanently.

Dr. Olga’s client Susan Mayginnes

shares her experience of overcoming sleep issues and sleeping well through the night.

Dr. Olga’s client Seth Conger

shares dramatic changes in overcoming fatigue, and difficulty with processing speed of his brain due to the mold toxicity, improving his decision making, and also overcoming feeling “emotionally flat”, and feeling “not enough”.

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