Dr. Olga Stevko, MD (Russia) has helped thousands of people achieve life-changing transformations in many areas of their lives.
Neuroscience has shown that 95% of our life experiences are shaped by unconscious programs. Dr. Olga Stevko’s unique and powerful methodology allows her to identify and transform unconscious programs that are caused by childhood traumas and traumas passed down genetically. These programs affect nervous system responses that impact both body and mind. This phenomenon creates a wide variety of physiological, physical, mental, and emotional conditions—from insomnia and anxiety to health issues, premature aging and struggles with communication. Unconscious programs also influence how people perceive themselves, others, and the world around them.
In her sessions, Dr. Stevko guides her clients through a process that allows them to discover and transform the unconscious programs that are at the root of their issues. This will change how the nervous system reacts to everything that triggers flight, fight and freeze responses, and how people look, think, feel, react, and behave.
Dr. Olga Stevko’s methodology is based on applied neuroscience, her knowledge of medicine, language patterns of Milton Erickson, MD, and advanced Neuro-Linguistic Programming. This methodology is extraordinarily effective, and produces dramatic, fast, and permanent results. 

john gray's testimonial

“I experienced very meaningful results after working with Dr. Olga Stevko. I noticed that I had more clarity, greater focus and felt very present and more connected, which are all very important to me. I give Dr. Olga my highest recommendation.”

John Gray, Ph. D.

Author of the NYT #1 bestselling “Venus and Mars” series

Since 2003, Dr. Stevko has helped her clients in multiple areas, including:

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