Group Sessions

Dr. Olga Stevko’s unique and powerful methodology is extraordinarily effective, and produces dramatic, fast, permanent, and life-changing results. In her sessions, Dr. Stevko guides her clients through a process that allows them to discover and transform the unconscious programs that are at the root of their issues. This will change how the nervous system reacts to everything that triggers flight, fight and freeze responses, and how people look, think, feel, react, and behave. Group sessions are limited to six participants. There are separate groups for men and women. The sessions are organized for each participant to work on their own individual issues independently of other participants. They are conducted in a safe, welcoming, and supportive environment. Each participant will have ample individual time with Dr. Olga to identify what specifically to work on. All issues remain private unless participants choose to, and are comfortable, sharing them. Group sessions are available in a package of four sessions, and it is $1200. The sessions are three hours in length, and they take place remotely via Zoom.

Dr. Olga’s clients Achille, Dunbar and Lou

share their experiences of overcoming allergies, significant improvements in memory and balance, improvement of the quality of voice, releasing chronic tension in muscles, becoming more authentic, having much deeper connection with people and better relationships.

Dr. Olga’s clients Anca, Caroline and Mariah

share their experiences of improving sleep, memory and decision making, overcoming being scattered and feeling cold most of the time, becoming resilient, confident, optimistic, more feminine and more authentic, releasing joints pain, having healthy boundaries and better relationships, and becoming more efficient, productive and organized.

Dr. Olga’s clients Jenny, Kelani and Lisa

share their experiences of overcoming anxiety, panic attacks, headaches, dizziness, fatigue and feeling lonely, improving sleep, reducing 85% intensive chronic pain, releasing intolerance to heat, looking and feeling younger, becoming more confident and joyful, and improving relationships, communication skills and business.

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